Concord Baptist Church
Sunday, August 09, 2020
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Building 100th Anniversary

Concord Baptist Church

Building History since 1913


$        Prior to this building being constructed, the church house was probably directly across the road.  There was a school house in the area, perhaps across the road as well.

 $        Church decides to build a new building.  G.W. Ailshie, C.C. Crosby, J.T. Dyer, J.L. Matthews, and Elmer Murray appointed as building committee (to raise money for the construction) B January 1912.   E.F. Witt, who served from February 1911-1916 was pastor.

 $        The church votes to buy land at the present location.  A motion was put forth Ato proceed to the settlement of the question of building today and to proceed with the preparations for building.@  No action was taken on this motion B February 1912.

 $        No mention of the building program in the March 1912 meeting.

 $        AA motion prevailed by which it was expressly agreed by the church that the [disagreement] that has arisen over the question of moving this church be forever stopped and that this church line up together and labor together to bring about a greater spirit of fraternal love and that we cooperate together for the cause of the Master, and it is further agreed that if at any time in the future any member or members of this church in good standing and full fellowship at their request shall be granted a letter or letters of dismission in good standing and full fellowship for the purpose of uniting with another church, or if they believe it best for the cause to organize at some other place@ B April 1912.

 $        79 letters of dismission are granted B July 1912.  Many other letters were granted over the next few months.

 $        5 men and the pastor go to New Market to observe a church building B January 1913.

 $        The old building is razed; the church is to meet in the school house B March 1913.  The church also met in the grove during construction.  This could have been the area behind the parsonage, or it could have been across the road as well.

 $        A 17 day revival is held with 15 professions.  The church thanks Mitchell Furniture of Greeneville for the presentation of the pulpit suite B December 1913.

 $        The new building is to be dedicated on the 5th Sunday in May; Brother Tunnell is to preach B May 1914.  Called in 1887, resigned in September 1888 to attend seminary.

 $        New seats are installed in the church; the old seats are given to Concord School B October 1914.

 $        The church building is insured for $3000 ($70,786.67 in 2013 dollars) B June 1915.

 $        A.J. Crosby made a proposition for furnishing the church which was accepted B June 1916.

 $        A committee is appointed to raise funds and superintend the painting and repair of the church house B February 1923.

 $        H.P. McCamey, H.J. Crosby, and R.A. Purgason are appointed to buy lamps for the church B September 1930.

 $        Insurance on church dropped from $3,000 ($53,906.77) to $2,000 ($35,937.85) B August 1933.

 $        Voted to re-roof the church for a cost of $327.41 ($5,502.28 in 2013 dollars) B September 1936.

 $        The first mention of electric lights is made.  A committee was appointed to check out putting electric lights in the church B January 1938.

 $        Voted to spend $3 ($50.42 in 2013 dollars) per month for lights, if necessary B March 1939.

 $        Insurance on the building is raised to $3000 ($50,416.40) again B June 1939.

 $        The architect working on First Baptist Church, Greeneville was consulted for ideas on how to fix the auditorium of the church B July 1947.

 $        A committee reported they had found material for the ceiling and sides for the auditorium.  The church members would cut the timber on the church ground for scaffolding B October 1947.

 $        The first electric organ was purchased through Magnavox for $299 ($2,253.07 in 2013 dollars)B April 1964.

 $        A library is mentioned for the first time B October 1965.

 $        A nursery is mentioned for the first time B March 1966.

 $        The church is insured for $14,000 ($93,975.40 in 2013 dollars), the contents for $5,000 ($33,562.64 in 2013 dollars), and the parsonage for $12,000 B May 1968.

 $        A new piano was purchased from Greeneville City Music for $752 ($4,527.43 in 2013 dollars) B April 1970.

 $        Money donated to the church in memory of Judy Bible is to be used only for an addition to the church and a plaque in her memory is to be placed in the building.  Mrs. Grace Crosby asks permission to carpet the Beginner=s Sunday School Classroom in memory of Hugh Crosby B May 1970.

 $        A committee is appointed to add on to the church B November 1970.

 $        12 voted to purchase a water tap for the church B 13 voted against B August 1971.

 $        A stained glass window is placed in the church in memory of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Crosby by Jennie Ruth Lyons and Marie Styke B July 1972.

 $        Construction begins on the church addition B August 1972.

 $        A water tap is purchased for the church costing $135 B November 1972.

 $        Church is repainted for $1,365 ($6,467.72 in 2013 dollars) B May 1974.

 $        Church voted to replace roof and guttering on church.  Vinyl siding is also to be put on the building.  The cost will be approximately $31,100 ($88,165.48 in 2013 dollars) B July 1980.

 $        Church presents Polly Snow a certificate of appreciation for her support of the church B November 1981.

 $        An organ fund is started at the request of Mitchell Styke Pierce in memory of Mabel Styke B February 1982.

 $        Church property is appraised.  Church appraised at $144,000 ($348,578.49 in 2013 dollars), parsonage at $28,500, property at $10,000 B total $182,500 B June 1982.

 $        Church purchases Gulbranson Chapel organ from City Music in Greeneville for $3,300 ($7,739.63 in 2013 dollars) B March 1983.

 $        Church votes to install new carpeting for $3,281.50 ($7,377.72 in 2013 dollars) B February 1984.

 $        Church declined to lock the building; 13 No B 2 Yes B February 1989.

 $        The church voted to put a clock at the back of the sanctuary B November 1989.

 $        Voted to carpet the church basement for $1,738 B February 1990.

 $        Stone is put on church porches and steps for $1,762 ($3,149.17 in 2013 dollars)B October 1990.

 $        20 cushions purchased for pews B May 1991.

 $        Trustees and deacons recommend the church be locked; motion carries B February 1992.

 $        New brass offering plates are given in memory of Floy and Will Crosby B November 1992.

 $        Speakers are to be installed in the nursery B December 1992.

 $        Church insurance increased to $1.5 million ($2.4 million in 2013 dollars) B August 1993.

 $        The baptistry is renovated B February 1994.

 $        The basement of the church has siding installed B July 1996.

 $       Renovations on the church are to begin January 19th B January 1998.

 $        More work than was anticipated will have to be done on the sanctuary.  The church decided to undertake a major renovation.  The church has approximately $24,000 ($34,394.50 in 2013 dollars) in cash at its disposal which was pledged to the project B February 1998.

 $        New chandeliers; given in memory of C.P. Crosby B John T., James & Myrtle Dyer, and Mary & Woodrow Sapp, are to be installed this month B April 1998.

 $        The church was significantly damaged by the storm of 2011.  On May 4, 2011 the church voted to give John Styke authority to file a claim on behalf of the church.

 $        In June, Tony Franklin met with Brian, Billy , David and John.  After checking the roof, picnic area and parsonage, estimated damage to be 6 digits.

 $        In Aug. 2011, the church authorized trustees to execute re-roofing, re-siding, and re-guttering and installing gutter guard on the church building; re-roofing and re-guttering pavilion; re-roofing and repairing electrical on parsonage from the April 27, 2011 hail storm damage.  Cost was $100,000.